Troy Sign is Thom, Leslie, and Ann…

Three friends with intertwining backgrounds and most importantly, each of us has or had been a parent of a high school athlete. Between us, we have had kids involved in skiing, track, cross country, swimming, diving, volleyball, and marching band. We’ve all purchased sport signs from our respective booster clubs and always wondered if we could do better. After all, Leslie and Ann have been graphic designers for over 25 years with much of their experience being in the display/exhibit business and point of sale. They’ve designed signage for all of the major auto shows and a big soda brand, so they felt confident that they could make a positive impact on their local schools’ signs. Thom has years of experience in producing signs for big companies throughout SE Michigan…more years than he’d like to admit!

This was a good fit.

As a high school ski coach, Thom knows how important fund raisers are to support a team. As moms, Leslie and Ann know how antiquated the old system is to organize fundraisers or even to just order signs from their booster clubs. Too many lines of communication, multiple emails, paper forms to fill out and send in envelopes…there had to be an easier way!

We put our heads together, came up with some great designs, fun product options, and started Troy Sign. A special bonus is our fantastic production team, Paul and Susie. They really do go above and beyond to get it printed right!

So, give us a try! We’ll make sure you’re happy you did. We love what we do!!